One-off and small batch embroidered patches

Bespoke patches

We specialise in one-off patches, and small batches; ideal for individuals and smaller groups, clubs, and organisations

Our patches are embroidered, rather than woven, and so whilst fine detail can be more difficult to achieve, embroidery gives a more ‘classic’ look, and allows us to produce much smaller quantities (or even individual patches) compared to the mass-produced woven type

We do not charge for digitising and editing your image, or any modifications to the stitch pattern as we get your patch design just right. We can of course put together your patch design from a collection of images or even just ideas, or produce a direct copy from your existing logo or design

For individual patches we would provide a computer generated preview of the patch to check you are happy before we put thread to needle. For ongoing orders or batches, we can also provide a sample to make sure everything is just right

Often our customers prefer to have their patches available to buy directly from our website, rather than purchase a batch to then sell on. This is particularly popular with clubs and groups, as it avoids the extra admin work for someone to buy a batch, then sell on again, and pay upfront for a stock that needs to be kept safe. It provides the flexibility for members to order as and when needed. In other situations, it may be more appropriate for you to order a batch of up to 20 at a time; whichever is the most suitable for your needs

Getting started is as simple as getting in touch. Just head to our Contact Us page, or use the email link at the top to send us your requirements, and attach any images or logos you would like to be included in your patch design

We look forward to hearing from you!